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About Us


The Zoological Society of Trinidad and Tobago Inc. (ZSTT Inc.) was founded on 23rd April, 1947.  In 1952, by Ordinance No. 12 of 1952 dated 5th April 1952, the Society was constituted as a body corporate. It thus became a legal entity with all the rights and privileges of a body corporate. On the 8th November 1952, the zoological gardens opened its gates to the public, under the name Emperor Valley Zoo.  It was so named after the Emperor butterfly (Morpho peleides insularis) which lived in great quantities in the valley at that time.
The aims and objectives of the Zoological Society of Trinidad and Tobago Inc. (ZSTT Inc.) are as follows:
  1. The establishment of  zoological gardens for the advancement of zoology
  2. The introduction into the island of new and interesting objects of the animal kingdom
  3. The development of greater interest in zoology in the youth of the island
  4. The raising of funds for the purpose of carrying out these objectives


The Council of the ZSTT Inc. is responsible for the management of the affairs of the Society and sets policies and guidelines for the operations of the Emperor Valley Zoo. Currently the Council has a membership of eleven persons representing multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinary perspectives. The members are as follows:
Mr. Narine Lutchmedial
President & Trustee

Mr. Benjamin De La Rosa
1st Vice President & Trustee

Mr. David Boodoo
2nd Vice President

Mr. Sundar Seecharan
Treasurer & Trustee

Mr. Brent Pedro

Ms. Mayia Rampersad

Ms. Kerry Ann Harrison

Mr. Saiyaad Ali

Dr. Annmarie Phillip-Hosein

Mr. Courtenay Park

Mr. Nirmal Biptah
Curator, Emperor Valley Zoo


  • Veterinarian, Biodome de Montreal
  • Curator, National Aquarium in Baltimore

The Council of the ZSTT Inc. is responsible for the management of the affairs of the Society and the Zoo. Its mission is as follows:

“The primary mission of the Zoological Society of Trinidad and Tobago Inc. is to oversee the provision and preservation of a representative collection of fauna of Trinidad and Tobago, other animals not indigenous to the Twin Island State, the introduction of new and curious objects of the animal kingdom; to ensure the efficient operations of a Zoological Park for the entertainment and education of its people and for the protection and conservation of the environment and our native fauna.”

Today the Emperor Valley Zoo is a national institution reflecting the main fauna of the region and serves not only for entertainment and recreation but also for education as well.

Conservation too is an integral part of the Zoo’s mandate and it carries out this mandate through the maintaining and breeding of endangered and threatened species, either for research or as stock and replenishment of the wild populations as well as partnering with leading conservation groups both locally and internationally. 

Organization Activities


This involves: Leatherback turtle patrols, West Indian Manatee patrols; Re-introduction/rehabiliation exercises and Cetacean Research.

Education and Training Workshops

Ongoing training for the staff of the EVZ is provided both locally and internationally by the ZSTT Inc. for the continuing upgrade of the institution and the goal of attaining accreditation from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

Public Awareness

The ZSTT Inc. and the Rotary Club of San Juan has embarked on the “Zoo to You” outreach program which facilitates children in primary schools getting to know a few of the animals from the Zoo.  The Zookeepers educate and interact with the children as to the importance of the role of the animals, their natural behavior and the methods of conservation for these important animals.

Displays on the important environmental occasions such as World Environment Day, World Animal Day, National Wetlands Day etc. are showcased at the Zoo at appropriate times.

Emergency Response

An animal ambulance has been acquired for the rescue, rehabilitation and release of wild animals.

Networking with Local and International Organizations

Infrastructural Development and Upgrade

On Friday 3rd April 2009, the Official sod-turning ceremony was held at the Emperor Valley Zoo.  This project is being implemented on a phased basis with a proposed completion date of 2011.

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