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Become A Sponsor Today!

Enhance the well-being of an EVZ animal by making regular donations every year. Sponsorship will help to provide enrichment activities, special dietary requirements, toys and other special needs. Sponsors will receive quarterly updates on the animal’s progress and will be entitled to free zoo visits once per month. Sponsorship can be terminated at any time.
Please call us at (868) 622-5344 or visit us at Zoo Road, St.Clair, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago to discuss how you can become a Sponsor.

Animals available for sponsorship today:


Spike, the Porcupine
Clara, the Mandrill
Patches, the Ocelot
Bernard the Ball /Royal Python
Mustard, the Burmese Python
Madame Curie, the Burmese Rock Python
Simba, the Lion
Gizmo, the Red Howler Monkey
Sudi, the Chimpanzee



Mary & Joseph, Mandrills
Raja & Rani, white Bengal tiger cubs

During your visit to the Zoo, should any other animal catch your fancy – you are free to become its sponsor!