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ZSTT Accounting Procedures 

View the ZSTT Accounting Procedures Manual (PDF)


2011 Administrative Report 

View the ZSTT 2011 Administrative Report (PDF)


2010 Administrative Report

View the ZSTT 2010 Administrative Report (PDF)


Communiqué to Council Members and Members of the Zoological Society of Trinidad and Tobago

As President of the Zoological Society of Trinidad and Tobago (ZSTT), it gives me immense satisfaction to report to you a landmark achievement reached for the month of July 2010. With regard to our income for that month collected through gate receipts, rent and donations, this has surpassed our expectations.

Members, this is a very significant accomplishment as this is the first time that income generated by the ZSTT has been able to cover 100% of salaries, wages and utilities and overall, 91% of our monthly operating expenses. We should be proud of this, especially as self-sufficiency is one of the principal goals articulated by the ZSTT in its five-year Strategic Plan for 2010-2015. 

We recognize that one of the contributory factors was the vacation period which saw an increase in visitation. When compared with 2009, there is also an increase by about 20%, a direct reflection of the increased publicity and interest in the ZSTT and the Emperor Valley Zoo. Members would be aware that a number of activities have directly influenced this positive profile, including the ZSTT website which is up and running, the Zoo to You initiative and Petting Zoos island-wide, commemoration of environmental events, anticipation of the upgrade, among others. In terms of the upgrade, this is also making an immediate impact on cutting down maintenance costs which is expected to decrease even more as the phases are completed. All of these diversified activities and infrastructural improvements will in the not to distant future ensure that our goal of self sufficiency is within reach and sustained. As an added bonus, we are already benefiting from our sister facility at Brigand Hill which is not only meeting its natural food source requirements but is able to supply the Zoo with excess fruits and fodder.

It is important to recognize that without the support of council members, the general membership of the ZSTT and our partners, who gave freely of their time and expertise, this attainment of a balanced sheet for the month of July on the basis of self-reliance, would not have been possible. For this, I wish to thank you for the support and participation in ensuring the successful implementation of our projects and programmes.

I wish to indicate that this move towards self-sufficiency places us in the circle of Zoos associated with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. These zoos strive to meet their operating costs from income earned, but depend on subventions and donations from philanthropists and well-wishers for their developmental projects. We are no different in this regard and for the first time have witnessed an actualization of this goal.

As I close, let me assure you that the ZSTT is confident that we can continue along this trend with your support.


Gupte Lutchmedial
August 11, 2010


2009 Administrative Report

The 2009 fiscal year proved to be another successful year for the ZSTT with the commencement of Phase 1 of the Zoo upgrade and the signing of two MOU agreements with the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and the Manatee Conservation Trust (MCT). These partnerships have served to enhance conservation initiatives regarding ongoing marine turtle protection at Manzanilla; protection of the Nariva Swamp and its manatee population and facilitated the continuation of cetacean research. They also allowed for the pooling of resources in the form of technology, information and extended quarantine facilities. The Zoo to You educational outreach project executed jointly with the San Juan Rotary Club grew exponentially during the year, reaching out to thousands of primary school children around the country.

View the ZSTT 2009 Administrative Report (PDF)


Strategic Plan 2014 - 2015

In keeping with the raison d’etre of the Zoological Society of Trinidad and Tobago Inc. to promote conservation and protection of animal species, the ZSTT, as steward of the Emperor Valley Zoo (EVZ) … intends to embark on key conservation activities which would serve to achieve the following objectives: connect conservation activities and messages directly with the lives of our patrons and the wider public; protect critically endangered wildlife populations in their native habitats through ex situ conservation projects; mitigate the losses to the local genetic pool through captive breeding and reintroduction programmes; simultaneously maintain a refuge and gene pool for threatened, endangered and rare animal and plant communities, as well as individual species, whether native or exotic; inculcate a lasting preservation ethic in the public through the research, information and cultural/recreational programmes of the Zoo.

View the ZSTT Strategic Plan 2014 - 2015 (PDF)


Zoological Society of Trinidad and Tobago & Manatee Conservation Trust Marine Project Report 2010

For the period under review (Calendar Year 2010), the Zoological Society of Trinidad and Tobago (ZSTT) continued to collaborate with its partner, the Manatee Conservation Trust (MCT) in undertaking its marine project.

View the Marine Project Report 2010 (PDF).